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St Herbot is a company located in Locarn, Brittany (France), created in 2010. It is specialized in the field of food supplements containing Melon S.O.D - superoxide dismutase. With his team of research and development, François Desbordes has developed a range of products adapted to maintain its health capital. S.O.D is an essential enzyme for the body, the first barrier to free radicals which are source of cells oxidations. The range VitaDSO contains large quantities of S.O.D concentrated in the melon juice, the raw material of its formulation.

Vitadso puts his secret of melon in the heart of its products.


at Locarn


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Mr françois desbordes

Chairman of Vitadso

francois desbordes

Graduated from veterinary school of Toulouse and Medical University of Toulouse, François DESBORDES veterinary doctor, exercises in Brittany where he was born. Brittany is a large breeding area in France where he decides to establish his career in the 70s. Fascinated since his younger age by the « living », he immerses himself in the exciting world of plants, animals and humans.

Being a tireless researcher, his meeting with Bionov's actors directed his research toward the superoxide dismutase enzyme, S.O.D..In 2005, François DESBORDES created PROMUTASE, a full range of food supplements containing a high concentration of S.O.D., for animal feed. This molecule extracted from a special melon brings him to create at the Institut of Locarn, the Saint Herbot company, specialized in the formulation and conception of food supplement based on S.O.D..

In 2013, after many studies and a strong collaboration with his research and developement teams, François DESBODES creates VitaDSO a range of food supplements for humans intended to preserve their health capital.