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What is a food supplement ?

SOD is the only molecule able to destroy the Super Oxyde, enemy n°1 which rusts our cells. SOD is a key molecule within our biological balance, essential for our cells survival and for our well-being in daily life.

Where are your products manufactured ?

Our products are made in France, we guarantee the full traceability all along the production and supply chain.

Where does your SOD come from ?

SOD is naturally present everywhere you can find life, animals, humans, plants. The SOD of our products comes from the juice of a specific melon cultivated for its very high level of SOD. Consequently this molecule is coming from a plant origin and absolutely natural. The culture of our melons is pesticide free, insecticide free, GMO free, with treatments very close to organic cultures.

What is the difference between your SOD and the other SOD ?

Each product (Vita-Energy, Vita-performance, Vita-healthy living, Vita-for my heart, Vita-joints, Vita-urinary health, Vita-Immunity) in our range contains SOD which is protected against its destruction caused by the stomach acidity (oral intake), which gives an optimal resistance to the SOD until the intestinal absorption.

Where SOD step in/interfere ?

SOD interferes everywhere Super Oxyde is created. There are two major places where Super Oxyde is created : the mitochondria when they product our energy and the cell membranes when they are attacked by microbes or toxins coming from our body or our environment.

How does SOD work ?

The Super Oxyde (molecule with a free electron) is able to generate a chain reaction interacting with other molecules where free radicals are created, which are more and more dangerous.

  • Thus the Super Oxyde is a very strong and aggressive enemy for our cells.
  • The Dismutase is our protective enzyme, because it  improves our cell resistance to oxidation.


Why should we choose your products ?

All the products of our range VitaDSO comply with the new European legislation and have received a market approval in France and in the European countries as a food supplement with health claims allowed by EFSA. The real benefit of our range of products VitaDSO is the preservation of our well-being and our health capital. This range is adapted to the needs of our life.

When should we consume the VitaDSO products ?

We advise you to consume VitaDSO products as soon as a need of energy, a tiredness, a joint, heart or urinary discomfort, is felt. This will increase your physical and mental performance and maintain your natural defenses.

What is the daily amount of VitaDSO to take ?

The recommended daily intake is indicated on each product. This is adapted according to the product of our range, and determined according to the intended target (2 for Vita-energy, Vita-performance, Vita-for my heart, Vita-joints, Vita-healthy leaving, Vita-immunity, and 4 for Vita-urinary health).
The intake quantities can be doubled and the products associated two by two, if you feel the need to optimize your well-being.

When can we feel the first effects ?

You should count ten days to start feeling the effects of VitaDSO. A daily intake, and on consecutive months, is recommended in order to fully experience all the benefits of SOD.

Is there any particular case when it is not recommended ?

Our products are adapted for all kinds of persons : athletes, pregnant women, children, elderly ... and for all life stages.
There are no indication against, only precautions must be taken for those who are allergic to fish (Vita-for my heart, Vita-joint, Vita-urinary health).
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

How to preserve the VitaDSO products ?

The storage in a room temperature is sufficient. However in case of high temperatures it is recommended to conserve them in the refrigerator.

Why did you choose this slogan : « I preserve my resources » ?

My well-being capital, my health capital, these are the more precious things I have. So it is normal that I wish to conserve them the longest time possible.